Meteorological sensors, instruments, weather stations, and meteorological measurement systems. This site offers information about meteorological instruments and observing systems.

The main links are to Meteorological Variables (from which there are links to more detailed areas like solar radiation, offering information about all known meteorological sensor technology), and Observing Systems linking to applications like airfields, boundary layer research etc.

Searches can be done on country (e.g Norway), as well as instrument (e.g pyranometer, pyrgeometer or net radiometer ) as well as parameter (e.g. pyranometer, solar radiation, net radiation) as well as company (e.g. Hukseflux)

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Founded in 1995, at present the Meteo-Technology website draws about 1800 individual visitors per month, of whom about 200 for more than 15 minutes. It is the leading website concerning meteorological instruments.